Embroidered Cotton U.S. Flag – 3ft. x 5ft.


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Traditional U.S. Flag

Patriot Flag’s Cotton Embroidered U.S. Flags are made out of 100% 2-ply, Mercerized cotton. The Mercerization process ensures that the cotton will absorb the red and blue dyes fully. While we use modern techniques to ensure the quality of our product, our Cotton Embroidered U.S. Flags are traditional in every other sense. No other material has the feel and look of cotton. Our beautifully embroidered star field and crisp, distinct stripes will satisfy even the most discerning patriot.

Our Cotton Embroidered U.S. Flags have these quality features:

  • Made from 2-ply Mercerized cotton – holds dye better than un-Mercerized cotton
  • Densely embroidered stars – ensures a beautiful star field
  • Sewn stripes – back stitched for reinforcement
  • Fly hems – reinforced with 4 rows of lock stitching
  • Canvas duck header – traditional canvas material
  • 2 solid brass grommets – rust resistant
  • Made in the USA

Cotton Embroidered U.S. Flags are best for:

  • Traditional choice our cotton flags are intended for customers whose top priority is flying a traditional flag. While these flags are designed for outdoor use, they must be handled with the proper respect and care they deserve to ensure a long lifespan.