U.S. Embroidered Banner Flag – 4ft. x 6ft. – Nylon

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Pole Hemmed Printed U.S. Flag

This American flag is printed on either single-ply polyester, or nylon. This polyester flag is the most economical banner flag available, made out of the a special polyester called E-Poly. Another benefit to E-Poly is its lightness. Weighing in at only a 1/4 pound, this E-Poly flag will fly in the slightest breeze and is perfect for home sets and promotional use. Our Nylon printed banner flag is more durable than the the Nylon flag, and will last much longer. It will also not fade as quickly as the material is a little heavier. Both of these flags are great choices if you want to display your patriotism with an affordable USA made banner flag.

The Pole Hemmed Nylon U.S. Flag has these quality features:

  • Made from lightweight Nylon – the most economical choice of flag material
  • Printed stars and stripes – more economical than embroidered stars & sewn stripes
  • Pole hemmed – for easy residential use or business display
  • Made in the USA